Visit Scotland in Autumn

With an English language coach

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30 September – 04 October

30% Off* 

* Direct/website booking only

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Autumn Adventure in English
No classroom, conversation-based English coaching with 70% outdoor activities.

A good level of fitness is required!


Outdoor tours & Workshops, including canoeing & cycling

Autumn on Loch Katrine Steamboat Trip

07 – 11 October

30% Off

* Direct/website booking only 

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Autumn Adventure in English
No classroom, conversation-based English coaching with 70% outdoor activities.

A good level of fitness is required! 


Outdoor tours & Workshops, including canoeing & cycling

Autumn on Loch Katrine Steamboat Trip

14 – 18 October

50% Off

* Direct/website booking only

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Autumn Adventure in English
No classroom, conversation-based English coaching with 70% outdoor activities.

A good level of fitness is required! 


Outdoor tours & Workshops, including canoeing & cycling

Autumn on Loch Katrine Steamboat Trip

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* We recommend you start with a  Zoom call to check your level/compatibility with the target language & course format.

Tour Scottish Autumn with an English Language Coach

Autumn is a beautiful season in Scotland, with October the perfect month to enjoy nature outdoors in the quickly changing landscape.

And there’s no better place to be based than Perthshire.

Known as ‘big tree country‘ because of its 200,000 acres of woodland, from misty mornings to show-stopping autumn colours, Perthshire is an area overflowing with natural beauty.

No-Classroom Learning

This October, you can have a stress-free English learning holiday.

Bored of classrooms?

So are we!

With Blue Noun Language Hub, you can combine live English practice, with seeing the very best of a Scottish autumn.

You can see our full activities menu below, but highlights include a steamboat trip across Loch Katrine, a visit to the Enchanted Forest (a world famous woodland audio/visual installation),  and a red kite feed.


No Classroom English Holidays

We won’t be sitting in a classroom, instead, we will have a full week of action-filled days, combining English coaching with seeing the best of Scottish autumn.

Quality Conversations Every Day

Your landscape exploring holiday will still get you talking! Every activity is wrapped in bespoke English coaching.

A New Objective

More importantly, you can expect to smile while speaking English, even once you leave.

Of course, you’ll smile and laugh throughout my holidays too.

This happiness carries on as confidence in English, it’s yours, wherever you take it.


Language Goals

Be aware that language coaching offers a non-traditional approach to language learning, which can make it harder to measure specific results (there’s no exam for live skills).

You can expect good progress in the following skills:

English for Socialising, Presentations, understanding ‘Fast’ English (native speakers), Making Introductions, Describing Objects and Places, Expressing Opinions, and Asking Questions.

Because we only work with small groups (max 4), together we will set the specific objectives you want to achieve (including any workplace English skills) and practice them on our travels.

You don’t have to choose a classroom to improve your English.

You can choose fun and get results!

Visit Scotland in Autumn - trees and mist
Perthshire landscape, on a walk from our language school base. 
Walking in Crieff - footpath signpost autumn colours
Explore footpaths around Crieff.
(I took this photo about 1/2 a mile from our language school)

Take the Pressure OFF your English.

Get the Best of Autumn on an English Adventure in Scotland

Who is Our Autumn English Holiday for?

It’s for L2 English speakers who want to combine healthy, ecologically sustainable tourism with fun, non-classroom-based English practice.

The Autumn Adventure in English is for you if you would like lots of real-life opportunities to practice speaking in English (with a coach for gentle error correction). 

This immersion English holiday is for you if you feel seasons slipping past without seeing them.

Perhaps you have spent too much time in front of a computer recently, or work keeps you too busy to notice nature.

Perhaps your English is book learned – and it is time for it to come alive!

This immersion English holiday is your best opportunity to visit Scotland this autumn.

It’s excellent, bespoke English coaching at an off-season price.

Get Real!

You will fall in love with speaking English because the adventures you will have will open your heart, as we explore and talk together.

Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry - fire and marshmallows
The Enchanted Forest, Pitlochry, October

Visit Scotland this Autumn

Don’t waste fleeting golden colours in a classroom.

This year, don’t drift into winter without having glorious autumnal nature time.

You will feel refreshed and relaxed walking in Scottish woodlands with an English language coach by your side.

There’s a concept here called ‘Perthshire Time.’ It described the way our great outdoors helps you relax, slowdown and unwind.

Our holidays set the right mindset for English learning.

If it’s good for you, it’s good for your English!

Meet the Makers Immersion English Tomnah'a Market Garden - flowers growing
Lose yourself in an autumnal immersion English tour of  Tomnah’a Market Garden
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This holiday is 30% focused on coaching your English, and 70% on having an amazing English-speaking time*.

*Our immersion English holidays normally have 50% intensive English coaching & 50% exploring/coaching on the go.

We are passing that £££ saving on to you!

Autumn Activities Menu

Strap on your boots, we have sights to see!


Below is a menu of activities you could enjoy on our English immersion holiday this October.

We will follow a different plan of activities per week. An English learner joining us for two weeks can expect to take part in 70% of this list.

We can add other activities, like a game of golf, or avoid ones you don’t like.  Finding out your tastes and preferences is part of our booking process.

*Activities are subject to the availability of tickets – so book early.

     Autumn English Activities Menu

    • Climb up Dumyat (a small mountain with a view over Stirling Castle and the Wallace Monument).
    • 3 x Castle Trail (Doune, Stirling & Huntingtower).
    • The Enchanted Forest (Pitlochry)*
    • Visit to Tomnaha’s Market Garden / Autumn Wreath Workshop
    • Canoe the River Tay with Beyond Adventure
    • Guided Mushroom Foraging
    • Guided Autumn Herb Walk
    • Scenic Waverly Steamboat Cruise of Loch Katrine*
    • Meet the Makers Artist Studio Visits
    • Drummond Castle Gardens
    • Guided Whisky Tasting
    • Red kite feed at Argaty
    • Hermitage Trail (Dunkeld)
    • Bike Hire – Exploring Aberfeldy
    • Bonfire by the loch
    • Trip to (try) see salmon leaping
    • Genturret Distillery Tour*
    Drummond Castle Gardens in Autumn

    We’ll explore autumn at Drummond Castle Gardens

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What if it rains?

    A. It’s Scotland! It probably will at some point. We can visit castles and drink hot chocolate together instead, if you hate rain.

    Got another question?

    Why not book a Zoom chat with your English coach, Ruth, to check you like our style.

    Alternatively, check out our FAQs

    What You Will Need for Outdoor English

    • Strong boots
    • A waterproof jacket
    • Warm clothes
    • A sense of adventure
    • Desire to progress in English


    You don’t need to be super-fit, but you should be able to walk 8-10 km in a day and/or cycle up to 15 km.

    Weekly Plan

    Friday 3-6 pm: social welcome

    Saturday: 6 hrs of activities

    Sunday:  6 hrs of activities

    Monday: 6+ hrs of activities

    Tuesday am off. Pm 6+ hrs of activities, inc.  evening meal

    Wednedsay: 6+ hrs of activities

    Thurday:  6 hrs of activities

    2 meals, drinks, snacks & local specialities are included per week. 

    Taste Scotland!

    If it rains 3 days in a row, we’ll treat you to the Tasting Menu at the beautiful Achray House Hotel.

    Achray house restaurant

    Further Information

    Blue Noun Language Hub

    Want to learn more about how we help you improve your English on holiday in Scotland? Discover more about our holidays here.

    Both Glasgow & Edinburgh Airport have public transport links to Crieff. Learn more.

    Accommodation is with a local Homestay Host. (Couple/friend options available). 

    Ruth (English Teacher) with sunflowers - taken at Gloagburn Farm, smiling at camera

    About Your English Coach

    I’m a trained visual artist with post-grad qualifications in both Studio Arts and Art History.

    I adore exploring outdoor Scotland and sharing it. 

    I lived abroad for 12 years. I began the Blue Noun Language Hub to continue meeting an international community after my daughter was born.