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And in our latest video series, I do a bit of frank talking.

I’m ‘Spilling the Beans!’


That is to say, I have quite a few opinions about contemporary English language training. Over the next few weeks, I’m saying it in a series of videos called ‘Blue Noun Spills the Beans’.

Blue Noun Spills the Beans is my way of introducing you to who I am, and how Blue Noun Language Hub works DIFFERENTLY to other language schools and services.

Simultaneously, each episode is also designed to be a short video English lesson for English learners.


Blue Noun Spills the Beans is the current series within our programme of video English language lessons that we create, for free,  for Blue Noun newsletter subscribers – called Monday Morning English.



Monday Morning English is a free weekly video English lesson for all our newsletter subscribers.


Monday Morning English is a prerecorded video lesson to watch at your own convenience, delivered to your email inbox every Monday.


Some people watch them as they get them – others prefer to save them up and binge-watch a few English lessons when they have some free time: whatever works best for you, it’s in your inbox for your convenience.


Basically, any 10 minutes spent on updating your professional English skills is a good investment.


If you can squeeze 10 minutes into your Monday – what else can you achieve that week?


There’s more!


The good news is that when you are a newsletter subscriber you also get 6 bonus questions included in each email too.


Listen along, use the questions to focus and check your comprehension. It’s even better if you practice answering our questions out loud.

What content is in Blue Noun’s FREE Video English Lessons?


Monday Morning English is English lessons for creatives.

Throughout the Blue Noun Spills the Beans series of video English lessons, I introduce my business, Blue Noun Language Hub.

For example, I describe why we call ourselves a ‘language hub’ not a ‘language school’.

I talk about how and why we coach English to Creatives. I explain how my skill set and training complement creative people’s English learning needs. I give advice about learning English as a professional creative with a studio practice to prioritise.


Tips for Finding a Language School

If you are a creative professional currently searching for English lessons, don’t miss these tips:

  • What I think is great about English learning in today’s online marketplace.
  • Hear my opinions on what is outmoded in the language teaching industry (key things to avoid).
  • Learn what needs to be changed ASAP (and of course, how we are helping to change it).
  • Get advice about finding the right online English programme for YOU.




Blue Noun Spills the Beans is a video introduction to Blue Noun Language Hub, and myself, Ruth Pringle – artist, English language coach and now a business owner”

Ruth, 2022

Who Are our FREE Video English Lessons for?


Our FREE video English lessons are intended to help all creative, international English learners. We match the English learning needs with resources to practice listening comprehension.

Our specialism is coaching English for creative industries.

You want better English fluency for your profession – we know the English language skills you need to achieve this. 

If you are considering investing in English language training – this video series will help you select the school/language teacher that is right for you.

In addition, if you are an ELT professional or interested in beginning a language teaching career, there are good nuggets of information in our videos for you too, including:


  • Learn how NOT rushing online at the start of the pandemic was the best thing Blue Noun could have done.
  • Discover the key question to unlock who you should be working with.
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Future English Talk

Later in the series, I share my professional background including my teaching experience – and an art career that took me all around the world.

Artists and designers – I definitely made a few career errors – and in this series – I share a few with you.

Hopefully stop you from making the same mistakes!


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What Else Does Blue Noun Give Away?

At Blue Noun, we are committed to helping you if you cannot access private language lessons. Find out how we can help. 


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