If you think that you need to learn English with a native speaker, ask yourself why.

You likely learned this opinion passively from a past education experience such as at school or a private institution, and it’s time to review it.

This blog is here to help.

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Who Told You That?

Firstly, how good was your source?

I mean, did they deliver really good, contemporary and bespoke language teaching?

Did they help you learn language with care and attention – or were they a bit… meh.

Boring classrooms, uninspiring textbooks and bored/exploited teachers. 

Native speakerism (the term for this form of discrimination) is still widely promoted by large commercial language schools partly because they know as long as they are the gatekeepers that define quality, they can continue charging inflated prices for truly average language tuition.

Once you’ve been in a dynamic language learning environment which excites and motivates you, you’ll know how immaterial the teacher’s origins are.

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Find the Person (Not Institution) Who Can Help YOU

Our Online English Needs Analysis helps you find your English teacher match.

Whether you succeed with your English goals depends not just on finding a great teacher, but a great teacher for you.

As part of the process, we have a 50+ question survey form to help us understand our recommended teachers’ strengths and personalities.

50+ Questions,

and whether they are L1 or L2 speakers isn’t one of them!

Out-of-date institutions use being a native speaker as an asset to sell courses as if being an L1 speaker is any guarantee of knowing HOW to teach language.

Language teaching isn’t about knowing every word in a language, it’s about helping learners find their own path through it, removing frustration, and encouraging passion and independent inquiry.

Non-native English teachers ARE experts in English.

They are in ELT because their superb language skills can help you understand how the English language works.

(That’s a superpower it took me many years to learn).

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Get Help Finding Your Next Online English Teacher

Online English Needs Analysis

Cut through the online noise and discover the RIGHT online English method/course/teacher content for YOU.

Consider: What Are You Asking For

red flag for English teachers - being a native speaker

Non-native English teachers still face wide discrimination.

The term itself is icky. Full of implicit prejudice.

Outside this one blog, I use the term L2 English speakers.

If the language school you are considering is still boasting about its ‘native speakers’, my advice would be to run!

Fortunately, the online marketplace is rewriting the language teaching market.

Clued-up customers expect to ENJOY their classes rather than SUFFER through them.

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You Can Change Your Mind

If you haven’t quite caught up, it’s not your fault. Native speakerism is a widespread prejudice.

Just know that this movement to reject it isn’t a trend. It’s a revolution.

It’s time to ditch imperialist, protectionist, borderline racist prejudice and unlock the joy in learning.

And English language teachers from all backgrounds are lending their voices to this cause.

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we are proud to be part of the online revolution by supporting and promoting truly passionate independent online teachers.

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Further Information

If you would like further information, fellow English Teacher Abigail Fulbrook has collected a list of the typical discrimination native teachers face. (Find it here).

Why Choose a Non-Corporate Language School

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