Is There Such a Thing as ‘The Best’?

I often get asked, ‘What’s the best way to learn a language’.

I believe that it’s time to stop talking about language learning as if there are one-size-fits-all solutions.

Different adults need different solutions.

My advice to this question-asker is to work out the kind of adult learner you are and THEN match your needs to a certain type of language teacher, coach or service provider.

And you don’t even need to do this alone. 

Mindset and Language Learning

Mindset is incredibly important. We can talk about ‘best ways’ in terms of your mindset and approach.

For many, the biggest obstacle to progressing in a language is their mindset.

As long as it feels like you’ve ‘got to’ learn the language, progress will be slow, unenjoyable and frustrating.

Think ‘Want to’

If you can work out how to flip the ‘got to’ into ‘want to,’ progress will be yours.

Of course, there’s still learning to do, but with this mindset shift, you’ll now find time for it: you’ll seek opportunities out and pride in the skills you are gaining will keep you moving forward.

(More about mindset).

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Language Immersion

Aside from general tips like this, I believe that for many, one of the best ways to achieve long-term results in language learning can be with an immersion holiday in a country where the target language is spoken.

Of course, language immersion holidays are not an option for everyone. (Although there are now ways of simulating their intensity online).

This blog looks at why you should put a language immersion holiday on your wish list.

Stick around, even if you can’t travel right now, this blog is full of tips about what language learning should look and feel like.

I offer immersion English holidays BECAUSE I believe they are the ultimate way to learn.

It’s About Falling in Love

Above all, the best way to learn a language is to fall in love with that language.

There are many ways to fall in love with a new language – including actually having a love affair in the language.

Many quote this as the best way to learn a language because it is so all-encompassing, and I agree with its efficacy. But unless you are free and single and ready to sacrifice all on the language learning quest, its advantages are outweighed by its practicability. 

A language holiday is a less drastic, but still powerful and immersive way to fall in love with the language.

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Choose Your Immersion Language Holiday with Care

A language immersion holiday is a combination of targeted, strategic language practice and opportunities to practice outside a classroom.

It’s important to not just book the first one you see as there are great differences between them.

For example, some language schools have as many as 20 per class. (We have 4).

Most language schools base their immersion English holidays in classrooms.

We don’t!

Perthshire Huntingtower castle- no classroom English learning Strathearn

“This is the year I loved English”

About Language Immersion Holidays

Language learning wrapped in a cultural adventure is transformative.

Here’s why:

  • Culture is a shortcut to your mind and heart being open wide and receptive.
  • (With the right programme) your language learning will be bespoke, coached and targeted.
  • The immersion process strips you from your risk-averse comfort zone and high school mental baggage (don’t worry, this should feel painless).

    Additional Benefits

    • Most of us are time-poor.
      This is a remarkably effective way of investing in your personal development AND having a great holiday.
    • It’s quite simply 10 + hours a day to learn and progress without the usual distractions (imagine what you’ll be able to say!).
    • It’s probably more affordable than you probably think.

    Really Can’t Travel?

    Here’s a quick tip to start falling in love with your new language.

    Find a way to celebrate the knowledge that you have already got. Even if it’s just a few words, they are yours. Be proud of any new additions and celebrate all milestones (like a conversation, phone call, a new tense). 

    Your language skills will start to get bigger, better and stronger.

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    Distillery tour,  the Glenturret, Crieff

    Blue Noun’s English Immersion Holidays

    Our language school is an independent, alternative language school (we call it a ‘hub’). Independent language training providers like us offer real alternatives to heartless corporate classes. 

    We care that you have a great time AND feel satisfied with your progress and the value you received.

    Your English training is crafted around your needs (based on years of ELT experience). 

    Our speciality is getting you to love being you in English. 

    We do this by sharing contemporary cultural Scotland with you.

    Further Information

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