English immersion

for Creatives

September 2024, Perthshire, Scotland

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English for Creatives

September is English for International Artists month here at Blue Noun Language Hub.

This a once-a-year opportunity to workshop English for Creative Careers, with our themed course –Immersion in English for Creatives.

Only 3 people will join us for a 2-week creative adventure practising professional language WITH local artists, makers and designers.

Enjoy daily artist studio visits, workshops and gallery tours.

This is an ART MAKING, ART TALKING Mini-Residency.

Expect Sketchbooks interventions & collaborations, including local exhibition opportunities (if that’s your direction).

This is your Mini-Residency.

We’ll be coaching your English and facilitating your creative work as if you have a real gallery opportunity.

Language School Drawing Activity - Talk and Draw

A Professional Artist Opportunity

Every participating artist or creative will get a blog post and promotion on the Blue Noun website/social media to share their work.

As part of your English course, we will help you publicise the work you are making across your social media (blog posts, live video, written content – in English).

English for International artists month - blog cover

Week 1

Meet the Makers



For the first two days, we rehearse getting you fluent in presenting your own creative work for artist talks, job interviews and meeting peers.

The rest of the week, we adventure along a different Perthshire Open Studios art trail, visiting studios, local towns & beautiful countryside.

Quality Peer-to-Peer Art Talk Every Day

Relax and chat with artists in their studio.

It’s your inspirational, cultural immersion in contemporary Scottish art – all wrapped up in bespoke English coaching.

Week 1 | Language Goals

Target Language: English for Creative Careers, including Presentations, understanding ‘Fast’ English (native speakers), Making Introductions, Socialising, Describing Art and Design Work, Expressing Opinions, and Asking Questions.

About Perthshire Artists

Perthshire Open Studios logo

September 2024 | Perthshire Open Studios

This is the 5-day public event our Mini Residency is framed around.

Perthshire Open Studios is when 120 Perthshire artists open their studios to the public.

Perthshire UNESCO City for Craft

Perthshire, designated in 2021 by UNESCO for its importance to craft – and the only UK city/region with this title, is home to 100s of contemporary artists, designers and craftspeople.

For 5 days across the second week of September, many of their studio doors are open…

Week 2


Sketchbook English LIVE Workshop

Join us for a week of practical art-making in English.


Take part in a mini artist residency.

Every day, you get will a new maker’s challenge set by a local Perthshire artist.

Collaborate or fly solo, we’re here to make your idea happen.

Week 2 of Sketchbook English is less English-intensive (expect around 2 hours of targeted English coaching per day, scattered throughout your day of art making).

Week 2 | Language Goals

Particular focus on English for collaboration and making, discussing and describing ideas. 


Sketchbook English | Online English course for artists logo

FREE Bonus English Course

All participants will receive a subscription to our 12-week  Sketchbook English Online Course (Price £1,225)

Immersion in English for Creatives

Booking Details

  • Arrive anytime between Friday 06 & Sunday 8 September.
  • Leave Sunday 22 or Monday 23 September.
  • Accommodation is with a local Homestay Host. 
  • The language course price is £2,800, (plus homestay accommodation of £180 per week).
Lisa Scrimgeour studio at Perthshire Open Studios

POS 2021 Visit to Lisa Scrimgeour‘s  Painting Studio

Who is this Holiday/Course For?


  • Mid-career creatives who feel their English skills are sabotaging their career.

    Perhaps you don’t like speaking English in front of students or peers. Or is it preventing you from good international collaboration?
    This English for Creatives immersion residency will help your language flow.

  • Early career artists/designers who haven’t yet got their break.
    This is your chance to list a residency/professional travel on your CV, upskill in English and discover part of the UK’s cultural scene in detail.

Perthshire Open Studios - Meet the makers, English for International artists

POS 2021 Visit to Creative Exchange, Perth

What International Art Schools Know

The best way to improve in English for Creatives is to take PRACTICAL workshops in English, which links experiences of MAKING your artwork to language.

Artists, makers, designers (or professional within a creative industry),

don’t delay, book your Zoom chat today.

Blue Noun English Language School about us - Ruth
Ruth Pringle Art work
Artwork Ruth Pringle the Great Wave

About Your Coach

I’m a trained visual artist with post-grad qualifications in both Studio Arts (MFA) and Art History (MA equivalent).

My specialism is Installation Art.

I fell into English teaching while living as an artist in Brussels (frankly, it paid the rent when my weird art didn’t).

I’ve taught at 4 art schools (from Foundation level to Masters). 

I’ve also worked for art organisations and curated exhibitions and artist residencies. 

Further Information