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The Online English Teacher Feature is a series of live online interviews, designed to give ESOL learners insights into the wealth of English teachers working online in different ways.

This blog gives you the chance to get to know teacher Kevin Westbrook. 

Interview Format

In each episode of the Online English Teacher Feature, we ‘shine a spotlight‘ on a different ESL Teacher.

We ask questions for you to discover their passion, skillset, expertise and style.

If they are your perfect match great! Reach out to them ( Kevin’s contact details are below). If not,  that’s also useful information for you too.

Ask both your head and your heart, how YOU wish to learn English instead.

Read on for information about how Blue Noun Language Hub can help you find your perfect online English teacher – but first, let me introduce you to Kevin.

Meet Online English Teacher Kevin Westbrook

I’m delighted to have talked with Kevin Westbrook, from PS Language Associates in this first edition of the Online Teacher Feature.

Kevin is CELTA trained, with an MA in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching.

He works in the branch of ELT known as English for Specific Purposes, which is teaching targeted language for professional needs.

Kevin has 27 years of English for Specific Purposes experience – including English for Academic Purposes.

You can watch the full 40-minute interview, or skip down to the highlights.

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“I’m actually trying to do a PhD on assessment for English for Specific Purposes. And one of the first problems was what is English for specific purposes?

You could almost define everything as English for specific purposes, because most people are learning English for a reason and that could be their specific purpose, but that’s not very helpful.

So, I started using the term workplace English or workplace language really.

I think that’s much more helpful for what I’m trying to do.”

Kevin Westbrook, 2023


“Compared to probably very many freelance providers, I have got this resource that means that they can have access to the materials as and when they, like, they can do self-paced learning within a safe environment with the materials that I’ve curated.”

Kevin Westbrook, 2023


“It’s very hard to teach a language. Just because you speak it doesn’t qualify you for [teaching] it. No. At all.

What have you done to make yourself into a professional? You know, what qualifications do you have?  CELTA’s fine, but it’s a bit like the driving test. You know, it probably means you won’t do too much harm in the classroom or on the road in the car, but you’ve gotta develop beyond that.”

Kevin Westbrook, 2023

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