Presenting Online English Teacher Jennie Reed 

At the start of summer, I was delighted to catch up with online English teacher Jennie Reed for a chat about her English teaching services.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of being in the classroom with the majority of our online teachers, (I know their values from social media and the detailed forms they each complete). I have taken part in a pronunciation coaching workshop Jennie ran. I really can’t wait to shine this spotlight on her coaching. 

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Jennie Reed – Pronunciation Coach

Jennie is an English teacher and pronunciation coach. This means that she is a specialist in getting people the best results in their English by focusing on pronunciation. 

Knowing how to teach pronunciation effectively is her super skill, but as you watch the video you will discover others too.

If you are watching this because you are looking for an online English teacher, this feature is not about persuading you to work with one teacher in particular – but show the variety of online English learning options out there. 

However, if Jennie feels like the one for you – great – her contact details are at the end – she’d love to hear from you! 

Online English Teaching

In the interview we discuss that as language teachers we want to help everyone.

In some ways we can give a little bit of help to a lot of people, but when you find your match, when you find the people who just need you, the job satisfaction is so much better.

And the student’s English language journey gets easier. 

Not every English teacher offers the same results. 

You may want to ‘learn English’ but there are many paths to that result – and only a few will suit you. 

Jennie Reed recommended online English teacher

A Teacher’s Teacher

Jennie often works with non native English language teachers. People who are already very good at English, but don’t feel 100% confident when speaking. Also like Jennie did herself, people who want to learn how to teach pronunciation to their classes. 

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And the impact I had on my students was just incredible. Their confidence increased. They were more willing to speak, they were having fun with the language and seeing that for my students was just amazing.”

Jennie, 2023



“Find the people you can get the best results for fastest

Ruth, 2023



“It can be really easy to get to a certain level of English because it’s everywhere. It is in movies and songs and things all around the world.

And so most people can get to a certain level of English. It can be really motivational for some people having that little extra push”.

Jennie, 2023



“Actually going that little bit further to understand how connected speech works, to understand how intonation works, to understand sentence stress and word stress and how this affects the connotations in what you’re saying can be the difference between being a good speaker in English and a great speaker in English”.

Jennie, 2023



“With pronunciation, you’re using your voice, but it’s also emotional because you’re using your voice in different ways and you’re understanding the language in a deeper level.

And so because you’ve got that emotional connection to the pronunciation, your brain is more likely to remember it”.

Jennie, 2023



“Don’t go with the first teacher that you find just because you found a teacher, but look at their testimonials, look at their reviews, look at their experience and find the teacher that can help you reach your goals.

Find the teacher who has similar values to you. Find the teacher who has similar interests to you now on social media.

You can find out someone’s, what someone’s interested in quite easily. We share so much of ourselves. I’m not saying go and stalk anybody, but get an idea of who the people are and maybe talk to a couple of teachers before you decide on one that’s perfectly acceptable”.

Jennie, 2023


Taking the Mystery Out of Online English Teaching!

The purpose of our English Teacher Feature live is for you to learn how Jennie helps people and see if you are a good match.

Our English Teacher Features are a window into a murky industry, allowing you to understand the variety of online English teaching options, and help you recognise excellent teachers from the average (and bad*) ones. 

Lastly, it’s to show that even within a wealth of excellent teachers there are people can help you (now) more than others.

Good choices begin with understanding what you need. 

*There really are bad examples out there, so choose carefully.

Jennie gives great advice on this in her interview.

Here’s the ‘red flag’ that Jennie mentions.

Online English teacher red flags
Online English teacher red flags

Still confused?

Our language hub gives independent advice to help you make the right choice for online English learning.

English language learner Annalisa on laptop

Further Information

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