Learn English with Cultural Tourism

Here in Scotland, summer is officially upon us.

At this time of year, most people’s thoughts turn to travel.

For many, visiting local museums and galleries is an essential part of any trip.

Cultural tourism, including galleries and museum visits, is also part of a Blue Noun Immersion English Holiday.

In this blog, I’m sharing the excitement around a nationwide competition for Museum of the Year.

Read on to discover how visiting museums can help your English! 


You can practice English in museums by discussing how the museum is presented! 


For us, cultural tourism means that don’t just take our language learners to museums.

It means we discuss the collection, curation, and presentation – and question how it represents its communities (such as contemporary artists, female artists, minority groups) and social history.

You never feel like just a tourist on a Blue Noun holiday. Instead, you’ll get behind the scenes – and take part in all kinds of conversations that actively bring you into our culture.

 Art Fund Museum  of the Year

The Art Fund Museum of the Year (2023) award is a big deal for all involved – as winning the title will draw crowds and income into the respective cities for years to come.

You’ll see that Glasgow‘s Burrell Collection is shortlisted.

It’s one of our favourite museums to share on our English conversation holidays! 

Museum Shortlist No. 1
The Scapa Flow Museum | Orkney Isles


In your opinion, does the Scapa Flow Museum successfully share this underwater graveyard with its overground visitors?

Extra activity. What were the student’s opinions of the recent Titan Submarine accident? Are boat wrecks valid sites for tourism?

Museum Shortlist No. 2
The MAC | Belfast


The MAC’s website has a great archive of artist interviews and audio files.

Check out this excellent Watch and Listen section here.

What is unique (ie: prizewinning) about this contemporary art centre?

Museum Shortlist No. 3
Leighton House | London


In your opinion, how has this more spacious and organised Leighton House changed for the better?

Are there any disadvantages to the redesign?

Museum Shortlist No. 4
Natural History Museum | London


Should a museum & art gallery be didactic and try to change human behaviours? And should it be judged by this in a competition between museums and art galleries?

Museum Shortlist No. 5
The Burrell Collection | Glasgow


What are the ways this museum makes different minority groups both welcomed and culturally represented?

How important is this in the overall remit of a museum?

Art Fund Museum of the Year 2024

Which of these museums would you most like to see win? Why?

Which would you most like to visit on an English conversation holiday?

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