Visit the Wallace Monument

We’re a small independent language school in Perthshire, offering English conversation holidays which explore Scotland.

A visit to the Wallace Monument is one of the more traditional activities on our English conversation holidays.

We include it because it introduces our landscape and history so well.

This blog shares how we share the Wallace Monument with guests seeking English practice and gives our best tips to get the most out of your visit.

inside the new Perth museum logboat

The Ochills & Dumyat

Firstly, we like to climb the hills behind the Wallace Monument in the days before we do the tower.

Dumyat is a fabulous climb.

High enough for proper views, but with a relatively easy track up it.

You often see red kites, kestrels and buzzards on your way up.

The view of the Carse is glorious, including looking down at the needle form of the Wallace Monument, in the landscape.

Secondly, Bus, What Bus?

If we’re fit enough to climb the tower, then we’re fit enough to enjoy the short steep climb to the base from the car park.

The walk has a trail of nicely sculpted wooden figures and forms, which tell the story of the landscape, people and history in a visual, family-friendly way.

This is a gem of a walk, with good views from the base.

The Wallace Monument is pricey. If you are on a budget, you can still get a good experience for free, enjoying the hill and panoramic view.

Inside the Tower

inside the new Perth museum logboat

Inside the Tower

The audio/visual experience on the first floor tells the story of the battle of Stirling Bridge with impactful graphics.

As I dislike most historical recreations, this is skilfully animated and a welcome alternative to films of actors in costume. 

I enjoy the bust portraits from Scottish history.

The Wallace monument is a sensational tourist visit, and laced with family activities, but primarily, it’s a serious monument to honour a man’s bravery, inspiration, strength, audacity and sacrifice.

The busts remind us of this by commemorating contributions Scots have made to science, religion, politics and medicine.

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

The View

The View

It’s spectacular.

Wear gloves/warm clothes so you can spend as much time as you would like up there.

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

New Year

I love to visit the tower in the first week of January. I grew up in one of the villages dotted in the landscape – it’s MY landscape.

Not everyone can get to overlook their home turf from a great height, and I make sure I do it as part of the ways I herald in the new year.

I value being around history at that time of year.

It seems it’s not just me either.

Santa does too! 

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

The Wind

If it’s windy on the ground, it’s going to be super windy up high. Don’t wear a loose hat. Hold onto your specs (yes, really!).

It’s thrilling when it’s windy, but if you are scared of heights, the wind battering in through the windows does amplify any feelings of precariousness.

You may wish to wait for a calmer day.

(Like when the flag isn’t doing this).

(And people aren’t walking like this).

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn
inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

A Sweet Reward

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

The Cherry on Top | Gelato!

No visit to the Wallace Monument is complete without a visit to Corrieri’s Ice Cream Parlour in Causewayhead.

This is a big-hearted family business.

Enjoy a 1950s feel, complete with jukebox and a family-friendly vibe. 

inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn
inside the new Perth museum - trojan unicorn

Stirling Castle

We tend to visit The Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle in a single day.

As well as experiencing this spectacular part of Scotland, we discuss and compare the ways history is presented, the visitor experience and the relationship of past to present, and how that’s similar/different to your country.

Wallace Monument Visit

How does this English conversation activity help your English / positively impact our community:


✅ Great for mental/physical health (if you aren’t scared of heights). 

⭕ benefits our local community.

🟠 preserves craft skills, historic machinery, monuments etc.

✅ gets you talking with a rich and diverse selection of people, or about diverse subjects.

⭕ supports Scottish industry/agriculture

⭕ supports arts & artists

🟠 explores Scottish wildlife in non-invasive ways 

✅ a good introduction to Scottish culture

🟠  financially contributes to preserving culture

✅ it is for fun and feeling good in English.