Holistic Language Learning in a Nutshell

Q. What is Holistic Language Learning?

A. Holistic Language learning is not ‘curing’ problematic parts of a person’s language skills,  but working out a whole system for language learning – based on their learning type, interests and schedule.

In our opinion ( Blue Noun Language School) it also begins with a strong foundation of FUN, with a big dose of ‘immersion’ – including the sensory. 


It’s Easy to Understand if you Compare it to Holistic Medicine

If you had a headache regularly, would you just keep taking painkillers or try to find the root cause? It may stem from your liver, posture, sleep quality, eyesight, screen time, stress, and diet. The ‘cure’ isn’t the painkillers, it’s finding out that underlying information which is unique to you, about what’s wrong.

This is a holistic ‘whole body’ medical approach: accepting that the problem isn’t just your head, but that there’s something unhealthy which needs fixing – and then making those changes.

A headache is quite an obvious medical example. Now think about bad skin, weight gain, fatigue. How many products offer us ‘cures’ for these things, without ever addressing underlying problems? How much money is made from masking symptoms rather than finding cures?

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Problematic Language Learning

People jump on painkiller solutions with language learning too. Crash courses, Instagram hacks, some of it pure snake oil, – others with much stress and only scattered, temporary results.

More often English learners settle for the regular migraine of ‘not being good at English’ – and going to great lengths to avoid it.

(Ask yourself, what are you missing out on?)



More often English learners settle for the regular migraine of ‘not being good at English’ – and going to great lengths to avoid it.

(Ask yourself, what are you missing out on?)


Ruth, Blue Noun Language Hub

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 Do You Love English?

If you haven’t improved in English over the last year, it’s because you’ve fallen out of love with it (or even never been in love with it).

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we believe the solution is holistic. ‘Work’ on having fun in English, enjoying discovering ‘you’ in English and the rest truly will follow.

And you may need further specialists down the line, like a pronunciation expert – or Language for Specific Purpose training for your job. But when this ‘treatment’ comes after finding a love of learning English, it’s much more likely to work well and give you lasting results.

Trust me, the very first step is to fall in love with English. It’s what will keep you showing up, help you navigate a tricky bit (sorry, there are still tricky bits) and invest your time in your learning.

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Our Immersion English Holidays are Holistic

As you may know, Blue Noun have culture-led English language immersion holidays which most definitely get you falling in love with English.

Not everyone is ready or able for such an investment, but don’t worry, there are loads of other good ways too.

It’s just like that headache: there’s not just one solution.

You need to find what works for you.

Holistic Language Learning Tips and Ideas 


Step one is to begin by collecting your own ideas for loving language learning – particularly if you are not a natural (and I’m not).

Such things could be as simple as new stationery, or a regular walk with headphones on – or an activity that you begin to do (only in English).

Don’t overreach. It really doesn’t matter if you are reading a trashy book, baking cakes with TV chef Jamie Oliver or listing to an alternative radio show – as long as you are doing it.

And enjoying it!

(Like our whisky tasting experience at our local distillery, on our English language holidays!). 

As a general rule – the more senses and parts of your brain that you manage to trigger whilst doing your activity – the more lasting the memory and associations. (Keep them all positive though!)

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Is Holistic Language Learning for You?

Every language learner can benefit from holistic language learning, but in particular, any adult who has ‘fallen off the bus’ (lost interest /motivation) or anyone finding it tough and not fun. 

If you are on your 8th language, it’s still a great way to learn, but you may not need it as much as other learners. (You’re clearly able to compartmentalize and manage language learning yourself). 

However, if anyone is needing a boost to get them working on English, then holistic language learning is the best way to get long lasting results. 


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