Does Cold-Calling fill you with fear?

Cold-calling international travel agents seems daunting, but there’s a small mindset shift that can work.

Read about it in this blog.

Remember, don’t try to be anything you are not.

Share your values with each agent, listen to their own values – and work out TOGETHER if you have two compatible businesses that can help each other.

A Quick Background to this Blog

I’m currently working up the courage to cold-call international agents, to let them know about our (amazing) English language holidays (😱).

To be honest, I’ve been putting it off.

I’m excited about our holidays, and I actually love telling potential clients about them, so I asked myself what was so hard about contacting AGENTS.

At heart, Blue Noun English Language Hub is an alternative English Language School.

We are a community-minded, socially-aware small business trying to make a big difference.

Creative English Learning  - Blue Noun Language Hub

What Does Authenticity really MEAN?

I realised today that I was avoiding it because I didn’t actually know how to do it authentically.

‘Authenticity’ is an overused word, everyone claims to have it – but I’ve been confused by just what it means for me: both on social media and in relationships with English learners for a while now.

As an English coach, a woman, a mum, a business owner and a Scot, I show up in different ways for different people. Doesn’t code-switching make me inauthentic? (How is everyone else managing to NOT code-switch?)


When you are clear on your values, answers become easy.

Learn your International Travel Agents Values

In fact, what was holding me back was that I was struggling to work out which ‘me’ agents will need to see (and how to get that fixed in place before I even begin).

Then I had a mini-breakthrough, which I’d like to share:

I am not my beliefs, I am my values.

Beliefs can limit you, blind you and stop you. 

For example, in my services, I frequently work with people who believe themselves bad at languages, which stops them from ever truly trying.

Since November, I’ve been working on my own limiting belief that I’m ‘bad at sales’.

I’m not. Actually, I’m a bit of a tiger when it comes to selling and promoting other people’s artwork, raising their profile and championing causes.

My sales issues are a self-destructive mindset around selling being the opposite of helping.

(I know, but helping artists seems to totally trump it, whereas for some reason, helping myself does not).

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The Breakthrough

I just realised that I’ve also been projecting this mindset onto agents, and I owe you all an apology for it.

It’s a long-term resolution, but I am aiming to ditch being belief-led and focus only on my values. 

Values empower you. 
They guide you in every context and situation. 
When you are clear on your values, answers become easy.
Code-changing isn’t inauthentic.

Value-changing is!

My clients, agents and social media audience don’t need to see the whole of me (shudder): they can see the front-facing bits without sacrificing any ‘authenticity’.

I can be a good English teacher AND lover of Scots language (and cheese and onion crisps) without contradiction.

So when AM I going to cold-call International Travel Agents?

Astute readers will notice that I’m now writing a long blog post – and still not cold-calling International travel agents to promote our English language immersion holidays in Scotland…

Am I just procrastinating in a whole new way?

No, I’m going to be reaching out to international travel agents for the whole month of March. I’m currently designing a new kind of digital tool to see if their values match our own.

In more analogue terms, I’ve also cleared my diary, and got a lovely map of the world and some dedicated post-its!



Travel Agents, I Need Your Help!

In the meantime, agents, would you help me?

If you work in the international travel industry, can we connect on Linkedin?

I want to read your posts and learn what motivates and inspires you.

There’s a chance I might ask to practice chatting with you about our English language holidays in Scotland, but of course, you are welcome to say no.

Talk to you soon?

Further Information

If you want a taste of our English holiday activities in Scotland – try Our Language School Visits the Enchanted Forest.