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One of the more unusual English language learning experiences we offer on our English conversation holidays is a red deer feed at Clathic Farm  (in between Crieff and Comrie).

I say unusual because I am willing to bet that most English language schools don’t offer this, but in fact, for our region, it really wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

Perthshire is famous for its food and drink produce.

It’s known as Scotland’s larder.

At Blue Noun, we have many strong partnerships with local producers.

We love showing off the food and produce in Perthshire: sharing it with you and taking you to visit its source as part of our  Meet the Makers English Immersion Activities.

Red Deer Feed | English Language Learning Experience Clathic Farm Perthshire

Meet the Makers | Crieff Food Company

We also always make sure that you visit the Crieff Food Company – our local high street shop which stocks and celebrates local and regional produce.

It has a superb cheese counter and butcher and a huge range of local and specialist products.

The butcher stocks Clathic Farm venison – no real surprise because Jamie & Miranda, who are the farm owners, also own this shop.

(Jamie & Miranda also offer Blue Noun English language guests accommodation as Homestay Hosts. 

English Language Learning Experience deer icon

Monarchs of the Glen

We think it is superb that you can follow the process of the meat from field to table.

The red deer on Clathic Farm are raised organically, with no human & medical intervention until it is their time to die.

They are culled in the field (so obviously avoiding the horror of transportation and abattoir).

If you choose to eat meat, Scottish venison is one of the most ethical and environmentally friendly choices you can make by quite a long shot.

Although they live a very wild life, during winter months the red deers’ diet is supplemented with grain. It is this feed that Clathic Farm is inviting Blue Noun English language guests to witness.

The red deer (around 200) come down from the hills to feed (the estate is so big that otherwise, you need an off-road vehicle to get around it to have a chance of seeing them otherwise).

It’s a rare chance to get close to one of Scotland’s most famous creatures – the stunning red deer referred to often in Victorian art and culture as the ‘Monarch of the Glen‘. 

English Language Learning Experience deer icon
Red Deer Feed | English Language Learning Experience  Clathic Farm Perthshire

Scottish Farm Life | English Immersion Activity

I took these photos while visiting in spring when the deer had their young.

They were being exceptionally timid.

They truly are almost wild – which, if you are a meat eater, is the best environment for farm animals.

Finding out about the farm and its deer herd is a great taste of Scotland – and an unusual one.

It’s a great way to practice English conversation, while discovering our landscape and economy.  

Red Deer Feed | English Immersion Activity Checklist

Compare how this English immersion activity simultaneously helps your English and our community:

⭕ benefits LOCAL communities.

⭕ preserves craft skills, historic machinery, monuments etc.

✅ supports Scottish industry/agriculture

✅ gets you talking with a rich and diverse selection of people.

⭕ supports arts & artists

✅ unites people with nature in non-invasive ways.

✅ financially contributes to preserving culture (the Crieff Food Co. does this1).

Red Deer Feed | English Language Learning Experience Clathic Farm Perthshire

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