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Next English Language Holiday Red Kite feed Photography
Have a Thrilling Photography Experience on Your Next English Language Holiday

Will you have a fabulous Scottish wildlife experience on your next English Language Holiday? If you are with us at Blue Noun you certainly will, when we take you out to photograph Red Kites at Argaty Red Kite Centre – and see for yourself how farming and wildlife conservation can work hand-in-hand.

English Language Learning Tips | Don’t feel lonely this Christmas | #JoinIn with Sarah Millican

Blue Noun English Hub give you a top English Tip for anyone expecting to be alone – or feel lonely this Christmas.

English for Creatives | Designer Cherie Gilruth and Wilma
English for Creatives | The Abandoned Trolley Calendar | Product Design

Designer Cherie Gilruth began sharing her own Lockdown images on a dedicated Instagram page. Then people started sending her pictures from all over the world…

It’s a 3.0 Black Friday | Barry Allan Scott Studio Visit | English for Artists

It’s Black Friday, a time of year with a frenzy of offers designed to tip consumers into purchasing. Today we’re going to tell you about something that you might just want to buy (and no, we’re not selling it).

POS special | 5 Reasons Why Perthshire Is So Good for Art

POS special | 5 Reasons Why Perthshire Is So Good for Art

Over a series of blogs, we are going to show off some of the amazing individual artists we met during this year’s Perthshire Open Studios.
Here in this first blog, we look at the bigger picture. What are the factors which make Perthshire so good for art? And what makes it such a great place to be an artist?

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Learn English in Scotland | Climbing Dumyat

Learn English in Scotland | Climbing Dumyat

“From the summit, you can see a rolling hillscape leading to higher hills and Highlands of the north of Scotland. Look south over the Carse of Stirling – a huge low flat area that was once seabed, the Wallace Monument stands proud over the valley. Stirling Castle can be seen in the distance. The River Forth winds snake-like through the carse.”

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