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Are your English language skills up to date?

Will they help you get your dream job or college place or residency opportunity?

Or will they cost you, dearly.

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Maybe others around you speak English well, while you keep your mouth firmly closed. That’s just a waste of ideas – and perhaps an important opportunity to shine – and in an art career, who knows where that conversation would take you. 

Art careers are made through people clicking with each other in one context, then reaching out to each other in another. Everything feels deceptively informal – but that’s not to say it’s not really important to get right. 

We’ve all missed out on opportunities by not have the right skills in place at the right time. 

Don’t let fear of speaking English dictate your story.

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Our Online English Courses

Work with Blue Noun Language Hub to gain English skills for your creative career.

Our online English coaching is designed for art and design professionals. 

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In a hurry? We offer coaching specifically for presentation development. 

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Sketchbook English, our Online English Course

Our 12-week course, Sketchbook English gives international creatives the English language skills they need for their creative career.