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English Immersion… online?

    Here at Blue Noun, we are all about immersion language learning.

    Thanks to a global pandemic, we have developed intelligent ways to deliver that kind of experience to you online.

    Online learning shouldn’t feel like school.

    Or a compromise.

    We’ve tested this with our online courses (we even hosted an online artist residency!).

    There are many dynamic ways to learn online, don’t settle for less!

    Here are ours…

    Online English Coaching Options September 2023 – May 2024

    Here are the online English learning options for our language hub, September 2023 – April 24.

    If you are looking for:

    • An enjoyable online ESL English Course
    • Culture-led conversation classes


    • English for Creative Careers coaching.


    • Presentation/Interview coaching
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    price 445

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    General English Online Coaching

    • Intermediate & Advanced
    • Flexible schedule 
    • Private 1:1

    Gently top up your English all winter with  10 ‘talk time’ vouchers.

    It’s an easy way to keep your English fresh and ready throughout winter. There’s no fixed schedule (just use them by Easter 2024).

    We’re not going to introduce any new grammar or tricky bits.
    Instead, let’s build (and enjoy) the English you have.

    Sketchbook English | Online English course for artists

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    Online English Course Option for Creative Professionals & Visual Thinkers

    Helping Artists, Designers, Makers & Creative Thinkers get fluent in spoken English.

    • Flexible, ‘blended’ learning (Whatsapp)
    • No loss of studio time
    • Private 1:1
    • Guest experts

    Don’t get squeezed into an ill-adapted education model. Creatives: 

    • learn differently
    • need different language skills

    Communicate in professional contexts without inhibitions or limits. Collaborate, travel, exhibit & sell internationally (and be the creative, world-changing force they can be).

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    price for Presentation Skills online course - £595

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    Pure | Presentation Skills Coaching

    • Private 1:1
    • Guest experts

    Take this online English course to deliver your message with style. 

    6 weeks of private coaching. No group. No others.

    Just you describing your work.

    Presentation Perfect | Online English coaching for artists

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    Emergency Online Interview & Presentation Coaching

    In a hurry?

    We offer an afternoon of coaching specifically for presentation development.

    • Private 1:1

    Choose this option to succeed at interviews and presentations with an approaching deadline within a month.

    Good Reasons to Take an Online English Course

    • Online, you can pick who you want to teach you, and choose courses dedicated to your profession, your schedule  – or your style of learning.
    • It’s cheaper, more convenient, and more private.
    • It’s in your own space – no travel time!

    One word of warning – don’t choose an online English course that badly converts a face-to-face course into computer learning.

    Instead, choose an online course DESIGNED around all the advantages online brings.

    Find more about choosing the right Online English Course for you

    Are your English language skills up to date?

    Will they help you get your dream job or college place or residency opportunity?

    Or will they cost you… dearly.

    Why Should You Invest in Your English?

    Maybe others around you speak English well, while you keep your mouth firmly closed. That’s just a waste of ideas – and perhaps an important opportunity to shine – and in an art career, who knows where that conversation would take you.

    Art careers are made through people clicking with each other in one context, then reaching out to each other in another. Everything feels deceptively informal – but that’s not to say it’s not really important to get right.

    We’ve all missed out on opportunities by not have the right skills in place at the right time.

    Don’t let fear of speaking English dictate your story.

    Art and Design professionals – choose a specialist English course to grow English for Creative Careers.  

    Q. When do you need a specialist online English course or teacher?

    You need a specialist coach or programme when your needs aren’t ‘general’ – and that’s anyone intermediate and above who needs English skills for specific contexts – or wishes to improve a specific English skill – such as pronunciation, listening etc.

    That’s not (as many people think), art and design vocabulary, but rather the language skills any creative needs (language structures to collaborate, to describe projects, to present concepts).

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    Further Information


    Not sure of your English level? Here’s a can-do list for intermediate students