It’s Holiday Time!

Booking an immersion English holiday requires a leap of faith.

It’s important to feel aligned with your English teacher, and that the services included in your language holiday match your needs and likes.

In this blog, I share how I holiday with you.

Hopefully, it will help you get to know me a little bit – both in what I value and how I visit and share Scotland.

I also share how we give clients all the information they need to make the RIGHT choice of English immersion holiday for them (not for us).

Make a note of it if you are comparing English immersion holidays. 



Say No to School

The first thing you need to know is we are skipping school.

It is spontaneous and unplanned.

In fact, the universe has given us 3 consecutive days of school strikes (because the school support staff are striking).

Only the expectation is that my daughter spends 3 days doing computer-based learning.

Homeschooling during COVID was a stressful time for us both. My daughter was resistant and too young to be left to do it herself.

I’m making the choice to reject the computer learning timetable and instead take the time for ourselves to read books, be in nature and seek and enjoy autumn.

At Blue Noun Language Hub we say no to school!

We don’t think adults learn language best in classrooms (of course, when there’s a shortage of resources they can help many people at low cost).

But if you can explore Scotland and learn and improve your English in different, professional contexts, it’s better. 

Immersion English Tip: When you choose a language holiday with a language school – make sure to find out how much time you’ll be sitting in a classroom!


Your English tescher’s holiday reading! 

We Are Taking Time to Read

We are filling the car with books.

Have I packed too many books? NAAHH. I’m halfway through most of mine already (I am a total 5+ books-on-the-go-person) so I already know I’m in love with my selection.

This book selection is not curated, it is actually what I’m reading this month.

I read what I’m drawn to – but there’s no coincidence that my holidays share the Scottish landscape, culture, and wildlife with you.

These books deepen my knowledge of English, of culture, of Scottish wildlife and ways of visiting the landscape without environmental impact.

That’s pretty much what I’m passionate about.

The Reading List

Bill BrysonTroublesome Words.
An A-Z of words frequently misused in English. It’s a nerdy trip into the English language, and I love it so much I’m trying to read it slowly enough to remember the lessons – not just binge on 1000 💡moments.

Kate AtkinsonShrines of Gaiety.
This one I haven’t started, but I adore everything else she’s written. I’ve been saving this one for a holiday with a fire.

Kathleen JamieFindings.
I had to force myself to stop reading this one too, as it’s one of the loveliest books I’ve ever read. The chapter about migrating salmon hit my heart and I’m still processing. (If you don’t know this book, it is about a mother discovering the wildlife already present in her domestic life – so lifting binoculars to watch peregrine falcons in between cycles of washing. Only the wildlife watching takes over… Kathleen Jamie has an incredible touch as a writer – so understated, yet truly perfect.

Sally RooneyBeautiful World Where Are You?
Gosh. Sally Rooney gives you such powerful relationships. This book is a quest for understanding what beauty is – and its importance to being alive, being human.

J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It is my greatest pleasure to be sharing Harry Potter’s adventures with my daughter.

Liz PichonTom Gates – Genius Ideas.
She’s rattling through Tom Gates books at the moment. I hear her giggling to herself as she reads. She did ask if there was a TV where we are going (there’s not), but for the first time, she was ok with that. I’m sure that loving these funny books is part of this change.

Jill MurphyThe Worst Witch
I love that she’s choosing to read the same books I did when I was her age. I think she has read this one 3 times already, but it’s been packed for a re-read.

journalling - artist sketchbook
Artist Dana Hargrove keeps a sketchbook of every holiday

Sketchbooks and Notebooks

You can see a notebook for journalling, a watercolour pad for a bit of observational nature painting and a set of artist cards.

I’m hoping to finally sit down and write to a few people. It is something that I rarely get around to – but I feel the need of it. 

I try to support artists however I can. Even if it is ‘just a card’.


JUST A CARD is a grassroots campaign on a mission to encourage people to support, value and buy from artists, makers, independent shops and small businesses. Every sale, even just a card, is vital to their prosperity and survival“.

Sarah Hamilton
JUST A CARD campaign founder, artist/designer


log cabins - English teacher on holiday
Shepherd’s Loch Glamping, website screenshot

Vernacular Architecture

I’ve chosen a little holiday settlement in Banffshire – north of Aberdeen.

Scotland is increasingly covered in holiday cabins – some of which are destructive to local wildlife, whereas others integrate into the landscape more intelligently. 

I believe that this is intelligently and ecologically designed- although it is hard to tell before you get there. 

This one is on a working farm, with all sorts of wooden constructions set around a small artificial lake.

The lake looks like it supports a lot of wildlife, and I’m curious to visit this place. I hope it lives up to my expectations! 

A holiday home with a beautiful window - Shepherd's Loch Glamping
Shepherd’s Loch Glamping, website screenshot

Make the Right Choice for You

It is midweek and mid-season, so we had the choice of the whole site.

There were a few different shapes and budget options, it was hard to pick the best hut for ourselves.

I liked the look of the yurt with hot tub, but decided on a hut set into the hillside, with a glorious round window. Hot tubs are crappy for the environment. (I don’t think I could sit in one without feeling guilty). 

Holidaying with an 8-year-old is always about finding a healthy compromise which suits us both. I believe that this place will be special and exciting to explore, with a front door she can run in and out of as she wishes.

I can picture us both sitting side by side drawing here at this wooden tabletop. 

It has a fire to read our books beside too.

Don’t Be Disappointed with Your Holiday

As I write this, I’m so excited about our little adventure.

I know how it feels to have expectations for a holiday – and that it is so important to match your needs and wishes to the right provider.

Believe me, I know that transparency is important for holiday providers.

For example, if I arrive and find this location is perched on the side of a working factory, I’ll be very upset.

I want peace and I’ve paid for it.

While they haven’t technically lied, they would have avoided telling the whole truth.

A Compelling Argument for Honesty & Transparency

I don’t want you to be disappointed in your holiday.

Firstly, I have integrity.

Secondly, we have to spend a week working together – so it would be such a bad idea to not be 100% honest and truthful.

As a language school which provides holidays, we take several steps to give our clients all the information they need to make the RIGHT choice of holiday for them (not for us).


Transparent Pricing

It is clear what is included in your language holiday booking – and what is not.

Availability on WhatsApp.

We can quickly answer any small questions you may have.

A Zoom Chat

You need to click with your English teacher. Get peace of mind with an introductory conversation.

This is why we are putting a Tourism Positive Labelling System across our blogs, to help you choose.


wellies icon

Let’s Go!

My grandfather used to sign every letter saying, ‘I have to go pop this in the mail.’

In the same spirit, I have to go make sure 4 wellies, 2 waterproof jackets – and a whole load of books get put in the car!

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